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Harisfazillah Jamel-2

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Date: Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 8:49 AM
Subject: Firefox Update Discussion
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Hello Mozillians:

As many of you know, Jono, a Mozillian and former paid staff member, posted publicly his opinion about the user experience for Firefox updates. It has since been picked up by the press and reported widely in major news outlets.  We've officially responded to press with the statement below.

In short, we acknowledged the issues he raised and reminded folks that we worked hard, with help from our users and Mozillians around the world to fix them. 

We are always open to any discussion that will make things better for our users. We thrive on these discussions -- they're critical in creating products and change that benefit everyone. However, posting publicly in a sensational way without engaging in a dialogue or asking questions isn't always the best way forward.  It affects our brand and reputation.

So we ask if you are curious, have ideas for improvement or want to raise an issue about Firefox that you please consider doing so in one of our discussion channels, such as the project forums or our weekly calls [Tuesday - Platform  /  Wednesday - Planning].  

And, of course, you can always find the contact information for the right person in the Phonebook and talk to people directly if you have concerns.

For more detail and background Johnathan Nightingale has also posted a response on his personal blog here.

Thanks and keep the ideas coming,


Press Statement:

"Jono's analysis is interesting, but outdated. Regular Firefox updates are good news for users and for the Web but only when they don't interrupt what you're doing. Today's Firefox updates are applied in the background with no interruptions; they even keep your Firefox Add-ons compatible between releases. The result is that our users always have a fast, beautiful and secure browser. Regular releases also let us get new features to our users faster than ever before, and we can listen to their feedback to improve things, just as we did with updates in 2011."

- Johnathan Nightingale, Sr. Director of Firefox Engineering

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