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Harisfazillah Jamel-2

Happy birthday Linux.

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Date: 26 Aug 2011 04:03
Subject: Happy Birthday Linux (20)
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Teringat pula first time install Linux awal 2002-3 dulu (Red Hat 4.2 & Red Hat 6.0).

Thanks to Linux I'm in computer line right now. I started with Linux just a as an "adventure ride" on
how to format my old PC.

Got a box set of RH4.2 and tried to install it on a P2 machine. Fail.
Bought an RH6 cd from pirate shop in Karamunsing (back then Karamunsing gelap tidak macam sekarang). Fail.
I guess after few tries manage to properly install RH after wiped out my hard disk.

Apa tu partition dan filesystem pun tak tahu time tu.

Then I used Slackware (picked up on how to compile stuffs, C programming, BASH, sysadmin stuffs).

Thanks to Bincang.net, Ittutor.net and mypenguin99 mailing list.

Saya terjumpa abglang (Mohd. Tar) sekitar 2004-5 pun dari Bincang.net dan Sabahan.net selaku
"orang Sabah" yang gunakan Linux.

Fast forward now we have a small community of our own in KK.


Edham Arief
[hidden email]

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