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[osdcmy] In Defense of The Command Line - The Mythical Man-Finger

Harisfazillah Jamel-2

The Mythical Man-Finger


Lets learn Bash Scripting. :)


Quote :-

the command line is:

faster, easier to understand, easier to integrate, more scalable, more
portable, more sustainable, more consistent, and many, many times more
flexible than even the most well-thought-out graphical apps.


The GUI was, of course, about graphical applications, but it was more
fundamentally about the mouse. The mouse essentially replaced language
with the index finger. If you wanted to do something, you pointed at


The idea that language is for power users and pictures and index
fingers are for those poor besotted fools who just want toast in the
morning is an extremely retrograde idea from which we should strive to
emancipate ourselves.

The problem with the user categorization narrative, is that it uses
“it just works” as a cover for saying “people aren’t capable” – for
implying that millions of natural language speakers would be too
intimidated by languages thousands of orders of magnitude smaller than
the ones they use effortlessly every single day. It imagines that if
we can find the right user-interface “metaphor,” everything will


What I find distressing about modern user interface design, is not
that it strives to create better metaphors, but that it has radically
limited itself to a very constrained set of ideas about what is
possible. Whatever system we’re designing, we design within the realm
of pictures and index fingers. We argue endlessly over color, and
screen regions, and steps, and flow, but the ground truth of our
efforts doesn’t change. Ideas about using more than one finger
(“gestures!”) or using your whole body (“Kinect!”) are greeted as
thunderous breakthroughs. Think of the possibilities!

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