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[osdcmy] Invitation: Software Freedom Day KL 2011

Mohd Fazli Azran Abd Malek
Dear all,

 The Malaysian Open Source Developer's Community or in short known as OSDC.my is a community based promote Open Source development, solutions and produce world class developers. OSDC.my represent OSS-D in matters involving the government, other organizations and the public, to conduct activities for the development and benefit of OSS-D. To advise on matters relating to open source software development developers to share their thought, knowledge and experience and leverage the Open Source idea to public.

OSDC.My area of Interest:
1. Community Building – Adoption
2. Universities – Syllabus and Curriculum
3. Government – Collaboration
4. Industry Development – Subject Matter Expert
5. Research and Development - Inventor

Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL-MIIT)

Wednesday, 21 Sept 2011

From 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM

09:30 - Welcoming + Opening Talk
10.00 - Presentation by Eric Yeoh
10.30 - Presentation by Tony Lau
11.00 - Presentation by Muhammad Syafiq mazli
11:30 - Lunch/social networking/gathering
12.00 - Let Makan Makan!!!

Will be a Lucky Draw (SFD Tshirt Limited Edition)

We have bunch of DVD for participant such Kubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora, Gnome3 & PCBSD/FreBSD to take away

We also give to participant for who most tweet using hash-tag #sfdkl2011 in the events will get mystery gift by SFD


Eric Yeoh
Eric has been an enthusiastic computer user for the past 2 decades, during the days when a mouse was still a rodent. He has worked with wide variety of customers across the Asia Pacific and European regions.

An enthusiastic proponent of the GNU/Linux operating system and a keen supporter of open computing standards and formats. Eric strongly believes in the freedom that brings with open source, standards and formats and has been involved with the Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) movement for the past decade. A openSUSE Ambassador, he is a keen participant in local FOSS events.Eric was formerly the Training Manager at the Open Source Competency Centre, the Malaysian Government's FOSS section; writing, delivering and developing FOSS training material and certification programs for the Malaysian Government's IT personnel.

Tony Lau
The vice president of the DebMal group. Also active in OSDC.my, Ubuntu-MY, several Open Source groups. Owner of the several web hosting service which 90% of the softwares use is business are Open Source softwares. Love distro like CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, PCBSD, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Android, SimpleLinux and etc. A part time blogger. A diehard Open Source Lover. Love to develop methods of using cheapest resource to build optimum results servers.

Muhammad Syafiq Mazli
Hi, My name is @syafiqmazli. Simple. Geek. Friendly. Unhard-coded. FOSS & Android Lover. Just ordinary IT guys but extremely good thinker!. Official representatives of Mozilla - ReMo (Malaysia). Member of Mozilla Malaysia Community.

Project Manager for Mozilla L10n Malaysia Team. Member of Various FOSS Community (OSDC,Fedora,Debian) speaker at various conference such Barcamp, SFD and Mozilla.

For any query or help dont hesitate to contact me back:

Mohd Fazli Azran
Secretariat SFDKL2011
Contact: +6013-2048672


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