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[osdcmy] Malaysia Mobile Applications Development Contest @ MyMAD Contest

Harisfazillah Jamel-2
Malaysia Mobile Applications Development Contest @ MyMAD Contest

MyMAD is officially open with a submission deadline on Tuesday, 3rd September 2013...are you MAD enough to be conjure the apps within this timeline? :)



The contest aims to promote the mobile application development initiatives among Malaysian and identify talents which could be nurtured for professional commercial mobile application venture.

In line with the brand independent spirit of MOSC, application development will be utilizing various platforms such as Android, PhoneGap, MoSync etc.

Competition Commencement Date:  28 August 2013
Competition Closing Date:  3 September 2013

Announcement of winners and prize giving ceremony : 10 September 2013 (First day of MOSC2013)

Please visit : http://www.mosc.my/mymad

Facebook Event Page:


This page


For  enquiries and further details please contact:

Email : [hidden email]

MOSC2013 Secretariat Email : [hidden email]

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