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Harisfazillah Jamel-2
Malaysia Open Source Conference 2012 (MOSC2012) Facebook Event Page

Join us @ MOSC2012 | 8 – 10 July 2012 | Event Page @ Facebook


Open Source have reached the level that it is considered a vital
component of daily Information Technology activity. It is not
somebody’s hobby project or simple solutions to solve one’s personal
problem anymore. Open Source is now a multi-million Ringgit industry
where its customer demands the best from the provider.

Open Source in Enterprise environment is now on par, and sometimes
exceed the quality and services offered by the proprietary company. In
fact, some proprietary companies have bought or integrate other Open
Source company or solution into their own product to enhance their
product offering.

In line with that fact, and as a continuation from the previous year’s
theme of “Open To Change”, “Making The Change”, and “Innovating The
Change”, this year’s theme for Malaysia Open Source Conference 2012 is
“Enterprising Open Source”. The theme invites the participant to share
and explore the Open Source solutions and technology that are used in
Enterprise environment.

This year, we are back to Klang Valley as most of our target
participants are here. About 500 Open Source developers, system
administrators, entrepreneurs, CIOs, CTOs, expert users, strategists
and enthusiasts from all over the world are expected to join the 4th
installment of Malaysia Open Source Conference which will be held on
8th to 10th July 2012.

So come and participate in the 2 days Malaysia Open Source Conference
2012 that we have planned with 30 talks and tutorial session, 3
competitions, 3 Birds of a Feather meet up, and 20 demonstration
booths, freebies and food included. This is a conference not to be
missed with every opportunity for you to hear, see and touch for
yourself some of the most exciting Open Source projects.

Visit MOSC2012 http://www.mosc.my/ for latest information.

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Malaysia Open Source Conference 2012 (MOSC2012)

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