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[osdcmy] Python Malaysia Meetup Febuary

sweemeng ng
There will be a Python Malaysia Meetup in Febuary, this time we have guest visiting, Ian Ward. He is the creator of urwid, a python console UI library, he is also members of Python User Group in Ottawa canada, and a contributor to LWN. Among many thing. 

The venue is in Itrain malaysia, it is near Bank Of China building in Jalan Ampang, one can take an LRT to Ampang Park, and take a 5-10 minute walk to Itrain. 

If any help needed contact me at:

email: sweester_at_gmail_dot_com 

phone: 0162065780

You can find out about urwid on the link below, 

you can find out more about Ian on 

Don't worry about the ticket,  

Just a random living organic computer code generator

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